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Employee background verification

Employement: Duration of employment/Designation /Salary/Reporting manager details/Performance and Professionalism/Reasons for leaving/Eligibility for rehiring/Any issues encountered.

Address Verification: Correspondence and permanent address.

Reference Verification: Skills, qualifications, work habits, absenteeism, honesty, tendency to engage in violent or harmful conduct, etc.

Database Verification: third party database for criminal records

Social Media Checks: social media and business networking sites, blog sites, micro blogging sites, photo/video sharing sites, and other web resources to flag any potentially negative information. Some of the potential negative information would cover (but not limited to) badmouthing current/earlier employers, liyng about qualifications / certificates / job history, obvious drug use, other slurs and offensive language, obvious links to criminal / destructive / disruptive behavior, posting confidential / classified information from current / earlier employers.